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AEROC - The new generation aerated concrete

Classical aerated concrete and also AEROC has all its main raw materials natural - cement, lime and quartz sand. Aerated concrete (or porous concrete) contains a lot of air that is in the closed cells. Aerated concrete quality is greatly dependant from raw material and manufacturing technology that may differ in several factories.

AEROC is a trademark, with that it produces aerated concrete products in its factory; the factory is located in Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and St. Petersburg. In the trade mark there are used the English language words "air" and "rock". AEROC is light as air, tough as rock - and these are good qualities.

All AEROC main raw materials are ecologically pure natural mineral materials that are delivered from the factory nearby surrounding - cement from Kunda, lime from Rakke and sand from AEROC sandpit in Toolse. It is important to mention that in manufacturing AEROC products we do not use bituminous shale ash therefore comparing with SILBET ash bloc, we have other material with other composition or raw materials and qualities.

AEROC is the lightest rock material that can be used in building that has quite good strength so that it can be used in multi storey houses for load walls. Owing to the high quality raw materials and modern manufacturing technology, AEROC products have good results in volumetric mass and pressure strength proportion; they are the best in the world in this sphere. In AEROC material closed cells, the sizes are 0.5 - 2.0 mm, the air gives good heat insulation properties and they have high fire resistance. The material can be easily workable, resistant against water and freeze. In short AEROC is a rock with the best wood properties. It does not burn, does not rot and is resistant against wet. AEROC is ecologically pure material that does not contain noxious substances. AEROC blocs has the smallest unit weight (? 400 kg/m3), AEROC Eco Term can build one layer outer wall without extra heat insulation materials. Such connatural, "breathing" and heat accumulating outer wall construction makes a healthy climate in rooms that is comparable to the microclimate in log buildings. AEROC Eco term outer wall evens up the quick outer temperature oscillation. In winter evenings there is a comfortable heat but in hot summer days - pleasant chill.

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AEROC - The new generation aerated concrete

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