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Monolith concrete wall and partition wall construction of AAB building pulleys

AAB building system is made of two foam polyester plates that are distanced by plastic ribs where metal armatures are placed in and are filled with concrete.

AAB building system priorities to householders

- reduces house-operating costs, saving on heating and conditioning costs from 20% till 30%. "As heating and electricity costs reduce, your savings increase!"

- in a lot of cases concrete is used in construction works, it is enforced with metal armature that gives bigger strength to the building and protects from deformation

- there is a fast and easy construction method that allows speeding up the construction time with lower building costs

- AAB building system helps to maintain a stable temperature in inner rooms, increasing domestic comfort

- blocs do not contain chlorine fluorine carbonates or formaldehyde (CFC, HCFC) and make a healthy environment for allergic people

- AAB building system provides 50 db sound isolation, reducing household noises till the minimum

- the building systems protects the house and its inhabitants against rodents, insects and robbers

- the system makes the house fireproof, reducing the insurance costs and increasing the safety

- monolith concrete walls provide a possibility to use them as a stable fixation place without any limits

AAB building system priorities to the environment

- in building process they use a little amount of wooden elements, in order to protect woods

- the system is not bad for ozone layer

- the small amount of energy that is necessary for heating and conditioning helps to solve "global warming" and acid rain problems

- the small amount of waste that comes up during the building process can be recycled, solving the problem with environment pollution and waste storage

Wood frame - carcass type building
Monolith concrete wall and partition wall construction of AAB building pulleys
AEROC - The new generation aerated concrete

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