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Wood frame - carcass type building.

Construction of wooden houses has remained its prestige. This is one of the oldest and at the time one of the modern types of construction. The material of wooden houses is an aesthetic value itself. In these materials there are put to use natural materials, such as wood, plasterboard. The microclimate is natural and nice in such houses. Due to reduce heat loss, we use wood or plastic windows with high quality package glass. If the load constructions are not sheathed they do not need any special lining.

What are the benefits if you build wooden carcass houses?

  • they are ecologic
  • there is a natural microclimate, suitable for the climate in Latvia
  • fast manufacture and mounting
  • comparatively low building costs

A wooden building is a property of high value, if it is well maintained; it serves for a long time. Wooden carcass construction is relatively simple. Of course, first should be laid foundation but for wooden houses it is not necessary to lay so massive foundation like for masonry houses. Pinewood is used for such constructions. The outer side of this construction is veneered with veneer but the inner side of the construction has a vapour barrier and plasterboard skin. It is important to think about heat insulation so that there would not be condensate and walls could be ventilated.

If a wooden house is correctly built it have to serve 100 or even more years. It is important that walls could ventilate and the right heat insulation would be chosen.

Nowadays houses are sheathed with wood or plastic planks (siding). If you choose to sheathe the fa?ade like this, then you have to think about wind barriers. Latvians usually choose monolith-building fa?ade, its finishing materials are rendering or bricks. Wooden houses do not have any limitations in roofing. Load constructions allow building a house up to 3-floor height.

One of pluses for wooden houses is that construction can be continuously made. There will be no complications during winters, it is provided by the principle of dry construction. Economy of rooms is one more plus because wooden building outer walls are half narrower than masonry building outer walls.

Wood frame - carcass type building
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Every technology has its minuses and pluses and the Client usually knows about them himself. We do not insist on anything, we consult basing on our own experience. The Client has to make his choice and say his concluding remarks.
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